Name: Isabelle Dencher
Best Slowbiking time: 28 seconds!!! Way too fast! And I have even been practising since the start… At least I am not the fastest in the Slowbiking crew though! 😉
Slowbiking crew tasks:
I present the Slowbiking competitions. This involves explaining the Slowbiking rules to the contestants and the audience, being a fair judge, finding new contestants and of course singing along with the jingle or making up lyrics to the music! I always try to do all of this in line with the event we’re at.

What’s so special about Slowbiking:
I love that something so simple can have such a huge impact. People connect, are enthusiastic and participate. I also like the fact that everyone thinks, that’s easy… but once they try it they see that it’s more difficult than it looks! And I really enjoy it when random people take part in the music. Yes, the most special thing is that the audience participates in all different areas.

How do you unwind?
I unwind by being alone in nature. Just sitting down for a while on the beach, watching the sun and the sea, relaxing my shoulders… It might sound strange and contradictory to my previous answer, but I also unwind by dancing the night away and partying with my friends! It gives me lots of energy and makes me live in the moment.

Which Slowbiking event is your favourite?
There are a few top ones, but as I come from Leiden, I will have to go for the Slowbiking event at the car-free Sunday in my hometown Leiden. It was great to see so many familiar faces. And on top of that, lots of policemen joined in, there were many musicians and the sun was shining the whole way through!

What is it with you and cycling?
Funny, I have never asked myself that question. Now I’m thinking about it, I see how much cycling is part of so many aspects of my life. Every day I take my bike and cycle wherever I need to be, without even thinking; getting from A to B, moving house, doing groceries, bringing my washing to the launderette. I do have an amazing bike! But it also brings back memories, from learning how to ride a bike and being scared that my dad would let go, while he already had without me noticing! Sitting in the basket at the back of my granddad’s bike, going on holiday to warm beaches. The school summer camps in which we cycled for days and were shouting from front to back: bollard, bollard, bollard! Singing ‘Margarita’ from the top of our lungs with one of my high school friends. And the cycling holidays with the tent on the back and meeting the shepherd in the meadow, and the pouring rain and the wind in Friesland. I just love cycling!