Name: Lotte a.k.a. Sax du Lot

Best Slowbiking time: 51 seconds 😉

Slowbiking crew tasks: Playing the saxophone, sometimes some moderating (especially when it concerns foreign languages that I don’t really speak).

Other best Slowbiking time: The first time I went on a full Slowbiking weekend, a bike event in Germany, was absolutely hysterical – in a good way. Paulien decided that we are not just Slowbikers, we are ‘reurders’ – a made-upnon-existing Dutch word for people who slightly deregulate, and create a buzz. And so we did, dancing and partying and, of course, slowbiking.

What’s so special about Slowbiking: The fact that we don’t take things too seriously. We bend the rules a bit now and then, just to keep it nice for everybody. We all do get really enthusiastic when somebody’s doing well in the game, though, but we still have equally as much fun when people are very bad Slowbikers.

How do you unwind? Hmmm actually I’m always in a hurry – but I’m never stressed. I just run from the one thing that gives me energy to the other. I guess that’s what relaxes me: doing the things I like!