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In this context it means biking as slow as possible on a 11 meter track accompanied by live musicAs the world around us is fast-paced, we go back to first gear to snap out of the daily rush. Aim is to bike as slow as possible … as long as possible without crossing the lane and without touching the ground. Participants are challenged to cycle more focused, sur place and technically.


This project has been realizedin Helsinki festival,carfree Sundays(Hasselt, Brussel, Leiden), Fahrradschau Berlin, Streetlife festival Munchen, COP22, and many more, and everytime it wasstriking thatpassersbyquicklygot excitedandwanted to participatein thiscontest.

Because of the humor and the presence ofanenthusiasticpresenter, people stepout oftheir comfort zoneand  participate. The improvised music by live musicianmakes it even more exciting.